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To avail scholarship for Minorities in Karnataka, students should apply both under National Scholarship Portal (NSP) and State Scholarship Portal (SSP)


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State Scholarship Portal (SSP) 2021-22




Mphil and Phd Release     28.05.2021     CLICK TO VIEW


Government of Karnataka State Scholarship Portal (SSP) Notification 2021-22


Step by Step instructions for students on HOW TO APPLY for Post-Matric Scholarship(MCM)

Dear applicants, please seed your Aadhaar number in your bank account. Please visit your bank branch immediately and link your Aadhaar to NPCI for payment of scholarship amount through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Otherwise, the scholarship amount cannot be transferred to your account.

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Post-Matric Scholarship (MCM) under State Scholarship Portal - 2021-22

Post-Matric Scholarship: is awarded to students from the minority communities from class XI, XII and equivalent courses, General UG and PG Degrees, M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship: for pursuing professional and technical courses at the Under-Graduate level(UG) and Post-Graduate level(PG).


Post-Matric Scholarship (MCM) eligibility criteria for the year 2021-22

 Documents required to apply for Post-Matric and Merit-Cum-Means students under SSP:-


   National Scholarship Portal ID:- NSP ID is a mandatory requirement to apply under State Scholarship Portal (SSP).


  SATS ID:- Students SATS ID is required (Students Achievement Tracking System) for 1st year PUC, ITI, GTTC, Diploma in Polytechnic/ Education/ Nursing/ Pharmacy/ Paramedical students. (SATS ID is available in your SSLC marks card)


 Student's SSLC Registration Number


 Student's PUC Registration Number


 University/Board Registration Number (Take from your College):- Students University/Board Registration Number is required for all courses except 1st years students of PUC, ITI, GTTC, Diploma in Polytechnic/ Education/ Nursing/ Pharmacy/ Paramedical. 


 Aadhaar Number or Aadhaar Enrollment ID Number (EID Number) of Student and Parents. (If you do not have Aadhaar number, please visit your nearest Aadhaar enrollment center and apply for Aadhaar. First you will get Aadhaar Enrollment ID (EID number) you can enter this Aadhaar EID in SSP application. Later you will get actual Aadhaar number)


 Student's Mobile number.


 RD Number of Income and Caste certificate for Muslims, Christians, Jains (Digambar), Buddhists, and Parsis issued by Tahasildar in the name of student.


 RD number of Minority Certificate and Income certificate for Sikhs and Jains (Shwethambar) communities issued by Tahasildar in the name of student. 


 Seed Aadhaar number to bank account:- Students should have bank account or open a new account (preferably in Nationalised Banks). Visit your bank branch and seed your Aadhaar number with bank account number under NPCI for payment through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).